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Black Henna Tattoos

Body henna tattoos, natural henna tattoos, Black Henna Tattoos, natural henna tattoos, body tattoos could be called as a step ahead in Bindi’s. They were created to express the eternal desire and bring beauty into every day life through these sizzling tattoos. These black henna tattoos body henna tattoos, natural henna tattoos, henna body tattoos, natural henna tattoos, body tattoos can give you a glamorous and exotic look to anybody's persona. There is a different design for every mood and every occasion. The best thing is they are affordable, clinically tested & temporary. Transfer Tattoos are always a winner at theme parks, beach resorts, clubs and parties worldwide wherever folks are out for a good time.
How to Use :

  • Cut the required portion of the paper suitable to your size and application area
  • Remove cover transparent film from the paper and stick the design on desired area of the body printed side down
  • Apply water on the paper. Wait for 20 sec. and remove the paper by simply peeling it
  • Wipe the excess water from the surface of design
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