Natural Indigo

Indigo Hair Coloring

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Kilogram 

Indigo (fera tinctoria) henna.

An exclusive product of ganga prasad puneet kumar: Indigo is a 100% pure herbal plant which gives deep blue color. Indigo is known as "Wasma in Arabic and Urdu language. Original high class indigo when used, starts to impart deep green color but after 24 to 48 hours it changes the color and becomes deep blue. The quality of indigo is assessed from the intensity of the color. The more deeper is the color the better is the quality and vice-versa.

Normally indigo farming is done for medical and fabric dyes. Ganga Prasad Puneet Kumar is the only company which is engaged in using indigo for hair color dyeing purpose it gives deep color to hair. Ganga Prasad Puneet Kumar is the only company that owns a farm dedicated to indigo farming in India and due to this reason, Ganga Prasad Puneet Kumar indigo gives best color and is pioneer in the market.

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