Organic Henna Hair Color

Black Hair Color

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Packet(s) 

Black Hair Color that we offer are available in various size packs. These are widely used for cleaning Hair as well strengthening the hairs. These Black Hair Colors are further renowned for healthy hair product and are widely demanded throughout the world. We offer these in excellent packaging.

Burgundy Hair Color

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Pack(s) 

Burgundy Hair Color that we manufacture and supply throughout the world are used to provide softness and natural color to hair. We manufacture these products by following certain National and International standards. We provide complete satisfaction to our esteemed clients by providing qualitative range of Burgundy Hair Color which has excellent results without any side effects.

Dark Brown Hair Color

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Packet(s) 

Dark Brown Hair Color that we offer is perfect to provide strength to Hairs as well as covers grays. These can be used by men or women as to provide unique and attractive color. We manufacture Dark Brown Hair Color using excellent quality organic raw material that doesn’t include any chemical substances like peroxide, ammonia, salts etc.

Mahogany Hair Color

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Pack(s) 

Unique range of Mahogany Hair Color that we offer is available in several pack sizes and is widely renowned as dirt Buster for various scalps. We do well hygienic & standard packaging of these Hair care products as per the clients need and trade throughout the world with complete satisfaction.

Natural Hair Dyes

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Packet(s) 
We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Natural Hair Dyes that is available in for men & women and in various attractive colors.

Natural Henna Hair Dyes

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Pack(s) 

We are manufacturers & exporters of vibrant shades which produce exact color effects on all hair types. With our extensive research unit and handwork, we have developed an extensive variety of henna based hair colors and henna based hair dye. Our specialized r&d unit tested and formulated a wide range of different shades of henna based hair colors. We offer a wide array of henna based natural hair colors as per the current trend in hair styling & coloring.  

Preparation of paste:

  • Take out the powder in a plate / bowl and add app. 3 parts water to 1 part powder to make a paste so that it can be applied on hair easily and gently
  • Apply this paste on hair. After five minutes comb the hair so that the paste should reach as the roots of hair. If any whiten observed on hair, apply some more paste on that portion
  • Wash the hair after 30 minutes until rinsing water becomes clear and the rinsed water is entirely colorless. Please note that while washing the hair keep the eye and mouth closed
  • Use about 50 gms or more depends upon your hair density. Use 50 gms of depending upon the density


Cautions :

  • Henna hair colors packet should be kept away from direct sunlight, preferably in a dark place
  • This preparation should not be used for dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows as it can cause inflammation
  • For external use only
  • Natural henna hair color powder can be used by all, irrespective of age factor

Black Henna Hair Color

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Packet(s) 
We are engaged in offering comprehensive range of Black Henna Hair Oil that is manufactured using extreme quality of natural herbs as a raw material. These are renewed for excellent results like soft black colored hair, shiny, fragrance, easy to use and many more. We export these Black Henna dyes in various parts of the world at competitive prices.


Several ingredients used in black henna are as follows :


  • Henna (Lawsonia Inermus )

  • Amla (Emblica Officinalis)

  • Shikakai (Acacia Concinna)

  • Para Phenylenediamine

  • Barium Peroxide

  • Citric Acid

  • Magnesium Carbonate


How to Apply :

  • Take out the coloring powder in a plastic bowl

  • Add 6-7 tablespoons or approx. 35 CC water in it

  • Make the paste so thick that it can be easily and gently applied on hair

  • Apply this paste on hair with a brush

  • Comb the hair after five minutes so that the paste should reach in the roots of hair

  • If any whiteness is observed apply more paste on that portion

  • Ensure that the paste is completely applied on hair

  • Wash the hair after 30 minutes of application with water

  • Later on wash with soap or shampoo


To check the particular shade of color and whether the color is suitable for a particular skin or not there are two tests :


  • Strand test

  • Hypersensitivity


Hypersensitivity Test :

  • Clean and wash a small area of the skin behind the ear or upon the inner surface of the forearm using soap and water

  • Prepare a small quantity of paste, apply to the area and allow it to dry

  • After 24 hours wash the area with water

  • If no irritation, itching, reddening, swelling or inflammation is experienced in or around the test area it may be assumed that no hypersensitivity to the colorant exists


Safety Instructions :

Following are the instructions that are required to consider while using the product :


  • Color should be kept away from direct sunlight & preferably in a dark place

  • The packet of Color should be opened only when ready to use

  • The color should be mixed only in a plastic or glass bowl and not metal bowl

  • The paste should be applied with the application brush

  • Paste should be used immediately after preparation, (within 4-5 minutes) other wise it may not be effective

  • Take proper care to ensure that color solution does not go into your eyes

  • The preparation should not be used for dying eyebrows or eyelashes as severe inflammation of eye may result. In case the paste gets into eyes, the same should be rinsed immediately


Other Information :

  • Packaging : 10 gms pouches 6 such pouches in one small box 100 such boxes in one carton 50 dozens in one carton

Herbal Black Henna

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Packet 
It is shampoo based hair color, which gives color to the hair within 10 minutes. It is completely ammonia free and its formulation is such that the concentration of dye contents is not more than 3% after dilution. It is also very easy to use since it provides the convenience of self-spreading.

Color Shine Hair Color

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Packet 

Color shine hair colors (herbal based hair color) Color shine hair colors are convenient to use and spread on hair evenly enriched with goodness if rare Indian herbs like henna, amla and shikakai, these colors gel extremely well with all types of skin tones and give a natural look to the hair. All these herbs are natural hair conditioners, which enhance hair growth and make hair shining, silky and strong.

Primary Colors :

Natural black shades, natural brown and light brown shades are the basic shades, which are used for covering grey hair by people of all age groups. The herbal based formula covers all types of grey hair and gives a natural look to enhance your personality with sparkling younger look.

Color Shine Burgundy Hair Color

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Packet(s) 
We are offering a very high quality range of Color Shine Burgundy Hair Color. Available at market leading price.

Color Shine Hair Color Cream

Approx Price: Rs 45 / Piece(s) 

Color shine hair color creams are cream based hair colors enriched with natural oils and hair nourishing ingredients for vibrant shine with perfect long lasting natural looking colors. Its rich creamy mixture does not drip and evenly penetrates each strand from root to tip to ensure perfect coverage of grey hair. Its advanced conditioning formula maintains pH balance and makes the hair silky and incredibly soft with complete protection.  

Color mate hair color creams are available in following 6 vibrant shades, natural black, dark brown, golden brown, burgundy, mahogany & copper red.

Packing one tube of 30 ml hair color cream, 1 bottle of 30 ml developer, along with 1 sachet of conditioner of 5 ml and a pair of gloves in a box, 10 boxes in a shrink, such 18 shrink packs i.e. 180 boxes in a carton box. 

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